Youth education is certainly at the core of our mission. As such, on March 18, our team from Plastic Oceans Chile conducted an engaging education workshop with teens from the Colegio Católico Hermano Eugenio Eyraud de Rapa Nui. We did our workshop ´the age of plastic´ in which we worked with the children about how plastic is present in their lives and what solutions are already available, using the 5R´s (Reduce, reuse, repair, redesign and recycle). We use the 22 minute version of APO to show the children what the plastic contamination problem is all about and how it affects us. Through 2 group activities children are empowered to make changes in their and their families´ lives.

Rapa Nui high school

Plastic Oceans International and Breathe Conservation were thrilled to bring our knowledge of plastic pollution to Easter Island/Rapa Nui, and to share that expertise with the local community.

Likewise, we were equally thrilled to have the opportunity to be educated at the local level, where our eyes were opened in so many invaluable ways – including many lessons that apply to communities across the globe.